Tactical Waist Bag

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  • Materials: 1000D nylon durable and light weight ABS buckles.
  • Can be worn as a fanny pack, forward pack or either side of the body. small enough to carry most items required for a day trip.
  • Five compartments: 1- LARGE Clam shell designed main compartment with dual zipper closure with extra large pull tabs, is big enough for carrying an ipad mini, handgun, binonculars or other similar sized kit. 1- BOTTOM zipper pocket is hidden for security (non expandable). 3-FRONT pockets with two outer lobes with zipper closures with extra large singlr pull tabs and tension adjustment webbing and one central pocket with quick release ABS buckle.  Adjustment webbing is Molle compatible with sew-downs spaced 1in apart. 
  • Top compartment has an adjustable nylon tiedown with a cord lock for custom tensioning. 
  • Bag Dimensions: 7.9"-12.6"L x 5.1"W x 5.9"H, Adjustable 1.5in width belt strap fits up to 52" with quick release ABS buckle
  • Forward facing hook and loop  patch dimensions:are "flag size": 3.5''L x 2''W. The top hook an dloop patch is larger: 4.7''L X 2''W. Imported.